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Review by Greg Barrow - Last Updated: August 20th, 2018

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123 Flash Chat

123FlashChat.Com (Closed) But The Software Lives On

123 Flash Chat closed in October 2016. It was and may still well be the most popular chat software package used by webmasters. While there is no longer any official support for this application, Webmasters who purchased licensed versions of the chat still have full access to its use. This means you can probably find the software available for download but more likely you are going to want to rent its use from a larger chat site because of known exploits in the software which must be patched.

Because of some the software code has been obfuscated, it is impossible to make some changes and difficult to make others. You can replace the default Avatars but can not add extras. With some work you can add extra Emojis but its easier to replace what is there.

The HTML5 version of the software allows users to type in the chat room and private message with anyone. Unfortunately, as is the case with many mobile chats, you can-not use your mobile device's camera.

Adobe has announced it will end support for Flash in 2020.

Chat Exploits & Hacks

While 123flashchat.com was still a functioning company, there were several exploit or "hacks" that allowed people to redirect users to other websites and gain access to some administrative privileges. Since 123 Flash Chat's closing, more have been discovered and only a few websites have continued to patch the software and kept it as a viable option for people who want to run a chat site.


  • Best desktop chat
  • Webcams broadcast 1:many & 1:1
  • Can handle over 1000+ concurrent users
  • Many administrative powers


  • No 123FlashChat support for hacks & exploits
  • Limited modifications - Emojis/Avatars
  • No mobile webcams

123 Flash Chat Review:

123 Flash chat is one of the best desktop chat around... IF the company providing you access to the software is capable of patching both existing and future exploits. The HTML5 version makes it mobile friendly but there are better options if mobile is your primary audience or if providing webcam access to them is important. There are a number of cons to using 123FlashChat and the biggest is its need to be patched, but it has proven to be a work horse and has no problem operating with well over 1000 concurrent users. Dispite the company behind 123 Flash Chat shutting down, there are many sites which still use it.

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