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We have offered DigiChat rooms to our visitors since our inception but it is no longer possible to run the software. We have bent over backwards to keep it going but changing technologies and security standards have forced its closure for good.

DigiChat Chatrooms


The DigiChat Rooms Are No Longer Operational 😢😢😢

Teen Chat:

Teen Chat

Gay Teen:

Gay Teen Chat


Adult Chat

Gay Chat:

Gay Chat


DigiChat Is No Longer Operational

If The Login Box Is Not Loading...

  • You must use FireFox or Edge Browsers.
  • You must tell the browser to run the Java App.
  • You must add our URLs to your Java exempt list.
If you get an error message where the login box should be, or if you see a blank space do the following. security risk
First click on the lego shapped icon.

arrow pointing to lego shape in menu

  1. Configure Java - You can search for it in the start menu.
configure java

  1. Click The "Security Tab"
  2. Click The "Edit Site List"
security risk
  1. Click "Add"
  2. Add The Following URLs

You will have to put http instead of https:// and it will give you an warning shown below but just click "Continue"
security risk

Then close your browser down. Re-start it and it should load.

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