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Welcome to Gay Chat. We are a free LGBT chat site catering specifically to gay men. While gay women are allowed in this chat it is predominantly occupied by gay and bisexual men. If you are looking for a chat with a focus on gay women you will probably be more interested in chatting at 321 Lesbian Chat. 321 Gay Chat is for adults 18 and older.  If you are a gay teenager (boy or girl) you should go to 321 Gay Teen Chat.

The LGBT community on 321Chat.Com communicates both in chat and on the gay message board / forum. We have chat rooms and threads on the forum dedicated to different areas and interests such as relationships, gay bars, gay marriage, gay rights, and gays in the military, discrimination, coming out, online dating and more.
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"Gay Marriage"

gay-marriageThe battle for marriage equality is going on all over the Country and the world as a whole. It can be hard to keep track of all the developments both breakthroughs and setbacks taking place. However The Huffington Post has done a great job compiling news surrounding “Gay Marriage”, DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) court decisions, and other important issues facing the LGBT community.

Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Same Love, by Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) is a beautiful song about legalizing same-sex marriage and confronts homophobic stereotypes and the accepted bigotry that still exists society. Haggerty said he was inspired to write the song after he read an article about a young child who committed suicide after being ridiculed at school.

Gays In The Military

gay-marriageService men and women chat openly about their experiences and life in todays Military. In recent years the US military has made quite a few progressive changes regarding its stance on Homosexuality. Military.Com/Gays-In-Military/ has great articles such as "DoD to move quickly on same-sex benefits", "Supreme court overturns DOMA" and "Deal restores severance pay for discharged gays"

Online Gay Dating

Meet gay men

There are many online dating sites for gay men and women. Some are for hooking up while others are for finding a serious long term relationship. 321 Gay Chat is an open and friendly chat site that does not make you choose. Get what you want from our live chat rooms. Login and simply chat with a friend or meet someone new for a date and start a relationship.

Want to see what the guy you've been chatting with looks like? Don't believe the picture they sent you was really them? Move your chat over to our Gay Webcam Chat and really get to meet the person you've been spending your online time with.