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This is a free Gay chat site, where men can chat with other men in an open and friendly space. In addition to our main gay chat room, at 321 Chat we have a lesbian and gay teen chat room but every room is welcoming of bisexual and transgender chatters. Start an online friendship or relationship today.


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Welcome to Gay Chat! We are a free LGBTQ chat site catering specifically to gay men. While gay women are allowed in this chat, it is predominantly occupied by gay and bisexual men. Our LGBTQ community communicates both in chat and on the message board. We have threads on the forum dedicated to different areas and interests such as relationships, gay bars, gay marriage, gay rights, gays in the military, discrimination, coming out, online dating and more. If you are looking for a chat with a focus on gay women you will probably be more interested in chatting in our Lesbian Chat Room. We also offer a Gay Teen Chat for our younger visitors.

Gay Rights Under Trump


Presidents Obama and Trump

7 Things Obama did to protect LGBTQ people that Trump could undo

"According to the Atlantic, Barack Obama built a legacy on gay rights during his administration. But many of the things Obama did to protect LGBTQ people, President Donald Trump could undo with the stroke of a pen. Here's what you should know."

Golden Globes 2017: Moonlight


Moonlight wins best picture drama at the Golden Globes! The film Moonlinght follows an African American gay youth named Chiron through his childhood and into his early twenties. As kid he was bullyed and given the nickname "Little" due to his small stature but is none the less taken in by a drug dealer who supplies his monther. As a teen Chiron explores his sexuality and feelings for his best friend. And as an adult we see Chiron connect back with the people from his past. Its time you go see the movie everyone is talking about.

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