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A Safer Chat for Younger Teens (13 to 16 years old)

The difference between 13 and 19 is large which is why we've created "kid chat"

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It is to connect with others who have similar interests and experiences. Please create a customized profile while taking care to not give out your personal information (Real Name, Phone Number, Address, School etc.). Please also take the time to review our rules and article on chat safety.

Parents: Young teens vary dramatically in their maturity level and social/emotional awareness. This may not be the right site for everyone within the 13-16 age range so please monitor your child's use of this site. We are a family friendly chat for kids but we have volunteer moderators, that are not always present. We can not guarantee everything posted within our chatroom is age appropriate, though we do our best.

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Stay Safe in Online Chat Rooms

Online safety is something everyone should take seriously. Scammers often target text-based online chats. So it's best to familiarize yourself with some scams to protect your financial information and identity better online. We highly suggest you take a moment to read our article: 4 Tips To Stay Safe in a Chat. It goes into detail about not giving out your personal information, not downloading files, being cautious about meeting people, and not getting tricked into giving away your money to Catfish: Digital Scam Artists. If you need help with the chat, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section or ask in the Forum before emailing us.

Are Chat Rooms Safe for Kids?

If you are talking about physical safety and digital security, then the four rules above will keep kids safe. However, when it comes to emotional abuse through cyberbullying or exposure to sexual content, it is not nearly as easy to stop or even guard against. The best option for kids or teens that are not mature enough to handle such situations are to find a chat that requires age-verified parental consent. Such online communities are few and far between, but the removal of anonymity ensures people act appropriately.

321 Chat has volunteer moderators that police the text posted in the public chat (when present). Moderators also ban chatters for breaking the rules, such as excessive bullying, blackmail, and posting personal information and adult content. 321 Chat has worked with Police Departments and Federal Agencies dozens of times to help root out vile predators. But the sheer number of times we have been asked for help by police departments is proof of the inherent dangers of chat. The presence of criminals within our rooms is no different than that of other chat sites. Still, we pride our-self on working as cooperatively as possible with all prosecuting agencies.

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Download 321 Kid Chat App!

Google Play Store Link to 321Chat App The 321Chat App functions exactly like the website. It is essentially the same as creating a shortcut on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. 321Chat is a mobile-friendly chat, and if you are looking for a kid chat app that works on your android mobile device, feel free to download it from the Google Play Store. We're more like IRC, ICQ, and Discord chat channels than Telegram, Whatsapp, or Snapchat. Please note that there are no mobile notifications of private messages (PMs).

We tried to make an Apple App for iPhones but the developer policies to get into the App Store for a chat platform like ours were too tricky.