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Our in-depth reviews of every major chat-room script and software package available to the public, is a great guide to help you select a chat-room to add to your website. Every listing shows the most important features of each product and gives both a Summary and detailed description of each chat.

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2020

  1. CodyChat


    CodyChat is performs great under heavy user load and has many administrative and user features. CodyChat has a great design, is mobile friendly and is coded in php. The chat comes with a well written FAQ that explains all the features and options you'll come across. Brand images and emojis can easily be changed and or added for a custom look and feel. CodyChat is the best online chat room software and costs next to nothing.

    [ Key Points: Looks Great | No Cams | Cost: Almost Free]
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  2. Rumble Talk


    RumbleTalk is a HTML5, based chat that offers a great interface with many features, including 1:1 webcam chat with anyone in the room. RumbleTalk is an excellent mobile option. The only two issues we have is that its subscription model is somewhat pricey and the group chat room was clearly not a priority for the developer.

    [ Key Points: For live events more than group chat | Cost: $$ ]
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  3. Chat Blazer


    ChatBlazer checks many boxes. It looks great, is mobile ready and offers webcam capability for desktop users. The only big criticism is that you're starting at $120/month for a webcam enabled chat. The price point has kept it out of the hands of many webmasters. Even though this is a solid chat, few people use it because it is so costly. If you have a popular and profitable site, this site is worth a look but might be a bit much for a new site or one with limited funds...

    [ Key Points: Cost: $$$]
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  4. E-Chat


    E-Chat allows you to easily and quickly add a chat room that you have administrative control over to your website for free. Type in a Username and enter, then click the "Create Room" button to setup your room options such as size, language, color and user list position. In exchange for this free service, the chat will have a small E-Chat logo and link displayed at the top of your chat....

    [ Key Points: Simple | easy to embed / install | Cost: Free ]
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  5. Flyzoo


    Flyzoo offers both group chat rooms and "live support" chat. There you can display your room by having it fly out from the side or pop up from the bottom. The chat is mobile friendly but there is no cam support and this feels much more like live support chat than software intended to be used as a group chat.

    [ Key Points: For live events more than group chat | Cost: $ ]
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  6. Chatzy


    Chatzy offers website owners an extremely customizable chat room to add to their website. The long list of options can be viewed by clicking on the "Hosted Rooms" tabs on the Chatzy website. Chatzy rooms are free (with ads) to add to your website but if you want to administer the room or have access to some other cool features you will have to upgrade to a "Premium Room"...

    [ Key Points: Simple | Easy to embed / install | Cost: Free / $$]
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  7. FlashComs


    FlashComs has a great user interface and allows webcams to be streamed to the entire room or to individuals. The chat works just about perfectly on desktop and there are many features that make this an attractive platform. However the web has moved away from Flash® and without developing a fully functional HTML5 version of its software, we would not advise you to buy this product. We are pretty confident it will be in the Chat Graveyard before long.

    [ Key Points: Uses Flash | Not Recommended | Cost: $$ ]
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  8. Blab Chat


    Blab is a free PHP and AJAX chat that use a database like MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL. BlaB! which used to go by "Simple Chat," has been around since 2002 and has been downloaded more than 200,000 times (according to their website)....

    [ Key Points: Basic | Needs to be installed | Cost: Free / $ ]
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