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Auto Banned...
Blocked words & websites are automatic bans by the system. (We often unban these within 12 hours before your report has even been read.) If you feel this was in error, you must tell us the exact message posted when you received an automatic ban. If you didn't read this & don't mention it in your submission, you probably won't get a reply from us. We unban the majority of appeals when forms are accurately filled out and no further information is required.

Three Important Points...
  • If you share a computer/IP with someone else, all accounts are liable to be banned. 
  • You are not entitled to a reason or warning for being banned.
  • Do not submit multiple appeals in one week.
 Will I get a response?
  • Yes, if you have provided a valid email. 
  • Remember to check Spam folders (email will be from
  • If you provide a fake email, it will bounce back and you will remain banned. 
  • Response times vary greatly. It can be 1-5 days depending on how many appeals there are. 
  • If you appeal more than once before your initial appeal gets a reply, then your appeal will automatically take the emails to the end of the ticket line
  • 97% of VIPs appealing bans are usually within a few hours. Less than a day is the goal for VIP appeals.


This for is not for questions or complaints about users or moderators within the chat room. Please fill out the feedback form for that..