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We offer free chatrooms for people of any faith or spirituality. Chatrooms include Jewish chat, Christian chat, Catholic chat, Hindu chat, Muslim chat and Scientology chat. We welcome Atheists to ask questions and start a debate so long as it is respectful. Because sharing the same faith, culture or beliefs can be important, many have come to view this page as a free singles chat site for the faithful.


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You may chat about anything here. You can even have a religious debate, so long as it is done in a respectful manor. Talk about theology, religiosity, religious tenets or simply make a friend, it's all up to you.

Jewish Chat


blue jewish starWe welcome all Jewish people into our religion chat room where you are free to talk about anything from politics and religion, to dating and mirage. Here you can talk about the mundane, or have an in-depth conversation. Here you can find a Jewish guy or girl to talk to, cam with or date. Our singles chat is for everyone, but we understand sharing the same religion and culture can be important; so we welcome all single Jewish men and women looking for someone special to look and find love within our chat. There are a number of Jewish dating sites like Jewish Friend Finder, but our site allows you to do the same thing (meet someone) for free.

Christian Chat & Catholic Chat


bible with cross on coverThere seem to be many Christian "Forums" but not to many chat rooms for Christians, so we've created one. Our free Christian chat allows you to discuss everything from the Bible and your family to music and dating. Many religion based sites do not have chatrooms because they lack the number of users to carry a live conversation. However 321 Chat allows people to be in more than one room at a time, so you can still chat while waiting for others to join you in 321 Religion Chat.

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