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About 321Chat

321Chat is a free online chat site for chatters of all ages, races, religions and sexual orientations. To date, there are 13 official chat rooms which are all free and require no registration to enter as a guest. The website and chat rooms are mobile friendly and regularly updated with new features, articles and designs. What was once just a place to chat, has become a destination and authority on all things chat related. 321Chat now offers article and unbiased reviews of chat related products, software and websites.


321Chat.Com was created and is maintained by the Administrator, a web developer with more than 20 years experience in creating, designing and maintaining websites. Administrator operates the 321chat.com website under the handle "Admin" and is responsible for the design, search engine optimization, marketing and advertisement of the website. Because of his extensive work history with chat sites he has authored much of the creative content and reviews on this site.

Cartman with Glasses

321Chat's longest serving moderator goes by the handle "ChatMaster" and has played a central role in shaping the culture of 321Chat over the years. ChatMaster is responsible for running the day to day chat room operations and has the final word on all moderator or user issues.

2002 - The Beginning

Screenshot of 321chat.Com in 2002 321Chat was first registered in 2002 and served as a gateway to a network of 321Chat domains that catered to different niche topics and age groups. The first 321 chat rooms were located at 321kidchat.com, 321teenchat.com, 321adultchat.com, 321seniorchat.com and 321gaychat.com. Within a couple years room topics grew to include gay-teen, Latin and UK chat each powered by DigiChat software.

2008 - Google Lively

Screenshot of 321chat.com in 2008 We created 321Lively, an interactive 3D chat room, powered with Google's "Lively". It was a short lived venture as Lively closed in less than a year. Several years later we revived the domain and used it as a portal to our new "webcam chat rooms".

2011 - New Look w/ Webcams

Screenshot of 321chat.com in 2011We re-designed the websites and revived the 321Lively domain to offer webcam enabled chat rooms powered by 123FlashChat. 123FlashChat was the best chat software around and allowed chatters to finally see the people they had been chatting with.

2013 - Big Changes

Screenshot of 321chat.com in 2013Total site rebuild. We created an official logo and gave the site a more professional but playful look. We consolidated the chat domains, bringing them all under the umbrella of 321chat.com. Domains like 321teenchat.com were now located at 321chat.com/teen/. We created new chat rooms. 20s Chat, Singles Chat, Lesbian Chat, Religion Chat and Asian Chat, each were given their own login pages.

2015 - 123FlashChat Chat

123FlashChat Software ImageWe made our webcam enabled chat rooms the default chat option for visitors. However we still offered DigiChat based rooms that remained popular despite dwindling browser support

2016 - End of Digichat

Not DigiChat Software ImageWith all major web browsers ending support for non-certified Java applets, we were effectively forced to close our DigiChat based chat rooms.

2017 - The Chat Authority + Move to StelivoChat

Stelivo LogoAmidst a torrent of software exploits and less browser support for Flash products we stopped using the 123FlashChat software for our chat rooms and turned to "StelivoChat". StelivoChat was privately developed by another chat company who allowed us to rent their software on a monthly basis.

In 2017 we decided to expand the 321Chat brand beyond chat-rooms by creating unique content on chat related topics. This content included articles and reviews of chat related websites.

2018 - CodyChat, Bye To Forums + Update Design

Screenshot of 321chat.com in 2018In 2018 we transitioned to CodyChat when the owner of StelivoChat no longer wanted other websites to use their software. While StelivoChat had many great features CodyChat has a great user interface and is quickly being modified and updated to provide many of those same features.

We also made the decision to close down our Forum after years of operation. It had become laden with spam and was frequently exploited.

We spruced up the site to make it look a bit more modern and display better when viewed on mobile devices.

2020 - New Family Friendly Look & Feel

Screenshot of 321chat.com in 2020In 2020 321Chat was totally redesigned to have a cleaner and friendlier look. Part of the redesign was a new 321Chat logo and part of its redesign was to remove all ads and content that could be construed as "adult".