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Here teens can chat about everything from dating, relationships and love to school, parents, parties and music. Forget about messaging apps like KIK and SnapChat, this site lets you chat online with random people on your cell phone or mobile device. Login now and flirt with a girl, get advice about a boy, talk one on one with a stranger or make a new friend.

We hope our chat can give you a much needed break from the stresses of your day. We know peer pressure mixed with the expectations of parents and a heavy school workload can make the life of a teen difficult to navigate. We hope you find our teen chat to be a fun and relaxing place you come back to for a good time everyday.

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Online Relationships


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Teen Dating & Relationships

Hundreds of teens come to our chat rooms to talk about their crush, complain about their boyfriend / girlfriend and ask for dating advice every day. Some even turn their online friendship into an online relationship that can be filled with as much emotion, drama and love as a "real" one. So if there's been a boy or girl you've been crushing on / flirting with, turn on the charm and make your move.

Teen Advice & Tips for Dating

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Know Your Meme

Memes are everywhere and with new ones getting created every day, it can be hard to keep up with them all. If you want to stay on top of the latest memes or find out the meaning of some you've seen online and had questions about, we suggest heading over to KnowYourMeme.Com. If you are interested in making your own memes, check out the ImgFlip - Meme Generator & ImageChef - Meme Maker.

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