Flyzoo Review

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Flyzoo Review

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Flyzoo offers a way for people on a website (any website) to communicate with each other. While Flyzoo does offer a traditional group chat. It was designed with other things in mind which has allowed Flyzoo to offer many different ways of displaying the "chat". We put the word chat in quotes because it can be used as a Live Support Chat for sales or a way to contact anyone who happens to be on your website. You can choose to have the chat fly out from the side or pop up from the bottom just like Facebook Messenger. The software is mobile friendly and has a modern design but it does not offer any webcam support.

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  • Works for More Than Chat Sites
  • Different Integrations
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Cheapest of similar products


  • Group Chat Could Be Better
  • No Webcam Support

Short Review:

Flyzoo is interesting because it offers more than the standard group chat interface. The fly out window showing everyone connected is nice for sites with users that might be doing things outside of chatting. Flyzoo seems like a good way to start an online community if you do not have enough visitors to sustain an active chat room on a particular topic.