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CodyChat Script Review

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An honest review of the CodyChat Chat Room software for your website.

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CodyChat is the updated version of BoomChat. It performs much better under heavy and has added many administrative and user features. The chat comes with a well written FAQ that explains all the features and options you'll come across. Brand images and emojis can easily be changed and or added for a custom look and feel. There is currently no officail store to purchase or download CodyChat but we will update this page as soon as there is.

CodyChat offers a growing number of AddOns such as SuperBot, QuizBot and a Giphy Extention which really adds a lot of fun and personality to the chat. Because the software is written in php anyone with a moderate knowledge of the language can modify the chat to their liking. However the administrative and core functions remain encrypted.


  • Cheap
  • Works Well With 100s of users
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Good, Yet Simple Profile Stystem


  • No Webcam Support
  • Can Not Support Thousands of Users

CodyChat Review:

CodyChat is the best all around chat software package we've come across that is available to the public. It is very cheap considering how well made the software is and is only held back by its php backend which prevents it from being able to support heavy usage and some specific features such as 1:many webcams.

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