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Curiosity about being a Mod.

The chat room is like a proud parent posting their child's artwork on the fridge - They will announce when they're hiding moderators on the news wall
Hey there, aspiring overlords of the chat realm! Fancy yourself as a moderator extraordinaire? Step right up, because we're recruiting for the elite squad of peacekeeping moderators to rule over the wild lands of 321Chat! Join the prestigious league of room guardians and bask in the glory of wielding the ban hammer with finesse. But beware, for with great power comes great responsibility... and a whole lot of memes. So, do you dare to tame the chaos and become a legendary moderator? Apply now and let the fun (and the power-tripping) begin! 🛡️🔨😎

Moderator Application


I have always loved to help people. I think I will be a good mod because I know the limits. I have experience with being a mod is a similar chat too. I have even created a server on Discord for people to chat. So please consider allowing me to help.
So when we register, would we get an email saying whether or no we were accepted? Basically saying for example; "We're sorry to say you can not be a moderator at this time, better luck next time!" Or "Welcome to the team, you showed us your able to join the team and can't wait to see your progress." Something like

Dude. Erin. Don't bother. They hire and ban like a snap of the fingers. It isn't worth It.
i was considering putting an application in but then i remembered how i got kicked 42 times and banned once
i probably wouldve been an absolute legend of a mod
@Azura please agree you goober
I plead the fifth

Season 2 Lawyer GIF by Martin