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It frustates me that are not a lot of men I can date?

Online dating is a big no-no. I thought this was obvious after seeing the 321 chat relationships and/or roblox's current state LMFAO. Instead date in real life. Get to know someone for about 1-2 years. Then make your move or don't depending on the type of person you got to know about.
There's nothing wrong with being selective with your dating pool.
It's important not to settle.
for less. I would want to settle for a baddie. Like the ones I meet in sugar dating platform. But they often dont want to settle unless they have nothing much to offers aesthetically.
Well Darlin, first I’m here to read an laugh but that’s me, it also gives others a target for just being myself as they are. Today’s society it’s pretty much about, the blue pill, overhaul”plastic surgery “, there income, how they look, an so on. Honestly, just be who you are, never change yourself to please them, some where out there is the one, it truly sucks this feeling that we all want, some sooner then others as others go many years an then life becomes truly real for them,I’m not saying that I know or have a right to say anything or share, at 32, she came in my life it was magic that was so pure an true, had a life of 26 yrs an god came, so now I’m along an wish this for all this power that one is felt, but not the sadness. Anyway hang in there Darlin it’s gonna happen 🍀🍀🍀
dating is definitely not the way it works now. Hangiong out with someone. chatting online. finding something interesting to do together. Being with a group or other people you know. Not the formality of dating. might end up in the same place though
Be yourself Never change for no one. Compromise, Work together as 1, Remember to let love Win. Remember the little things, Never go to Bed UPSET, And the list Goes on. There's still Good guys out There. Just few and Far Between... HOPE YA HAD A GOOD DAY. or Good one Tomorrow..