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Thoughts on abortions

I'm conflicted. I would never begin to think to tell someone what to do with their body but I'd like to consider options that result in having the baby. I mostly say that because I feel sad for it and wouldn't want to rob someone of a life they may have but I also am not blind to why people do it.
Every living individual who defends the termination of the lives of unborn children is a hypocrite.

They weren’t faced with that decision. So they wouldn’t have input on the decision of their parents.

To me hipocracy would be “I’m glad my parents didn’t abort me” as I’m walking in to planned parenthood
@Laban Defending abortion is elitist and hypocritical. Every human being was once an unborn child. How was your opportunity in life any more important than another's?
I don’t deem mine to be higher than others as I have stated I personally would go another route before deciding to abort.

When I’m thinking of your view in my head I am relating it to like someone who aborts but then doesn’t want to be sentenced to death or would disagree with their life ending abruptly.

I agree that it would be highly selfish of someone to take another life but hold theirs in high regard.

Good view point and interesting to think about.
Yall keep sayin that the fetus isn’t alive and they don’t feel anything, what is alive to you then, some of y’all don’t even know what you are, can’t decide what gender or sexuality you are so how can you decide the outcome if a life is dead or alive, you are committing homicide, a fetus has a heart beat within the first 18 days, if that’s not living then I don’t know what is