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Beyond The Palm Springs 🍡🦦 🏖️
VIP Member
My wife Caroline and me have been fighting lately.
Are 197th anniversary is coming up and I wanna celebrate it at the movies and she wants to celebrate it at the amusement park. The day of our anniversary it’s gonna be raining and that means some rides will be closed (the amusement park rides that is).
Also the movies are so much better and we could choose a movie that we both like! Also carols bones can’t handle the rides cuz she’s literally 224 smh. Anyways any advice would be appreciated, sincerely - carols husband
Are you and both Caroline fucking vampires?
I’m not and Caroline isn’t that I know of. She’s never sucked my blood but she has sucked my- uh ummm uh strawberry ice cream cone I made for her for our 165th anniversary many moons ago.

We just have a lil secret abt living long and know how to live life to the fullest.
Are you and caroline ghosts
If we are ghosts it’s impossible for us to go invisible and walk thru things. Also she’s always so LOUD and making all this racket wherever she goes but I’m not complaining. I have the most dearest and affectionate wife ever, maybe that’s because she’s the only girl I’ve known but I think it’s because she’s special
Ask me a REAL question
Ok I will.
Why can’t I message you on here but you can message me (comment on my profile or whatever)

Not that I need to message you but if carol gets on my nerves I might need to vent abt it