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I Was Born a Sinner

Well done.

You can no longer misuse the Bible to excuse this sin, now that you know.

It's taking you some time to realize how twisted Christianity is.

Those superstitious beliefs of yours are not something you should live by.

You should answer to society, not to God.

I'm proud of you, buddy.
You'll keep committing this sin even though you know it's wrong, so you're no longer considered a Christian.

According to the Bible, Jesus' sacrifice is no longer relevant to you.

It's all smiles now.

Thank you, truly.

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I'm an atheist and could care less what the bible says about "me."

I can't see the christian God being all so loving if he created me right away for damnation because it's not something that is wrong or anything one can change.
Modern Christianity is latitudinarianism. The normalization of false doctrine and apostasy is irrelevant to today's Christians. Very disappointing.
@Laban The Nephilim were the only beings created for eternal damnation. I fail to understand how you would be damned from the start unless you were a descendant of Ham. Is there something you're not telling us? Are you part dinosaur?

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