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Its about gym...


New member
I would like to start with the chest workouts..
some of the exercise are:-

The Angle-Changing Fly Dropsetdownload.jpg

This exercise gives you an opportunity to work the chest unilaterally (one side at a time). Move the cable to different levels, performing chest fly reps by pulling the cable in toward your midline. Your core will also face a challenge as you fight to keep your torso square—you can move further from the anchor to make this more difficult.

The Pre-Exhaust Pushup Seriesdownload.jpg

Think about this as a bodyweight movement to get your body prepped for heavyweight work, Move your hand placement around on the ground as you pump through reps, from narrow to wide (just making sure that you use solid pushup form, engaging your core and glutes to maintain a straight back). Try 3 sets of 8 to 10 close-grip pushups, 10 to 12 wide stance reps, and 12 to 15 standard position reps. The close-grip reps shift the focus to your triceps, while the wide stance reps tax your shoulders and chest more. Once you move your hands back into the standard position, your chest is fatigued, making those reps even more challenging.

The Plyo Med Ball Pushupdownload.jpg

Take an athlete's approach to this next exercise. Perform pushup reps with your hands on either side of the tool, but make use of the way the ball rebounds from the bottom position to bounce explosively up. Try 3 sets of 6 to 8 reps.
bench press (incline and flat) and also chest flies i highly reccomend. gets such a good burn if you push hard enough and has allowed me to put 45kilos on my bench in 8 months so much count for something.