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[Serious] My gf thinks my Cousin Is Trying To Hook Up With Me...


Active member
Needless to say my gf is very angry

I've known my cousin since we were kids, in the past year she's been acting in a way that, under normal circumstances, I'd see to be flirting/attraction. Before a year ago we really didn't talk as much, but ever since she moved to a place closer to where I live, she wants to hang out all the time and talk, at times it's suffocating lol... I just want to hear what you guys think, that being if she is trying to hook up with me. Below I'm going to list some things that kinda felt flirty/sexually charged so you can connect the dots.

1. She touches/grabs/squeezes my forearm while laughing/talking.

2. Playfully punching my stomach/chest and groined

3. Late night phone calls and hanging out alone.

4. Always setting up plans to go on vacation and hang out...

5. Suggests going out to restaurants, just the two of us.

6. Sitting right beside me, always within arms length when talking. 1-2 foot away 24/7

7. Compliments my appearance and personality often.

8. Tons of sexual innuendos/jokes

9. Sexually charged conversations

10. It's like she wants my mind on sex...

11. Mentions how long it's been since she's had sex.

12. Everytime I show up and there is others around, she always ends up next to me.

13. She talks different around me, higher pitch.

14. People are starting to make comments about us being together so much.

15. She's always teasing in a flirty way.

16. Intense eye contact, and she rarely checks her phone...

17. Very open about private life, we have deep conversations.

When she is around her family and whatnot, she does not act this way, I'm puzzled.

What do you think? Thanks ahead of time for the answers.