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HOW TO: use the chat rooms

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After you register and confirm your email address, login and you're shown a list of the current rooms on 321Chat.
You can enter any room simply by tapping it. See Room Specific Rules at the bottom of this page: https://www.321chat.com/rules/
You may be dropped into 'Lobby' if the room list does not appear.



You can edit your profile images and settings once you've registered.
Tap on the person image or letters associated to your user name on the top right to give you options.
Tapping the green check mark after your name allows you to change online status to Away or Busy.
Tap Leave room to go back to the room list.
Tap logout to completely disconnect from the chat rooms.

The envelope on the top right is your private message inbox. Inside there you can delete individual messages by clicking the X after them.
To completely clear your inbox, tap the trash can icon at the top.

Select Edit profile to make any changes to your profile.

Click the camera icons to add or change your profile photo or background photo.
Click on the X to remove the images.

Under the Account tab you can:
- edit 'Your info' which is your age and gender
- edit 'About me' which is where you can write a few words about yourself and is public to all chatters
- edit 'Mood' which is text that appears under your user name in the room user list
- edit 'Text color' which is the font color everyone will see your messages in (private message text remains the same at all times)
- edit 'Sounds' which turns on or off sounds for public room posts, private message notifications and username sounds, which is when someone tags your user name in the chat room. It will also appear highlighted to you
- change 'Theme settings' which allows you to choose between dark mode, lite mode and many more.

Under the Gift tab you can:
- view the list of gifts and number of each of those gifts which have been gifted to you by members

Under the More tab you can:
Manage friends: allows you to remove friends you've already added when in chat
Manage ignores: allows you to remove ignored users that you've ignored in chat
Private settings: choose between on, members only, friends only, off
- on : anyone can send you a private message
- members only : members who are registered can private message you. Guests cannot.
- friends only : friends you've added to your friend list can send you private messages
- off : no one can send you a private message. Staff may message you where required.
- IMPORTANT: ((EXTINCT, NO LONGER APPLIES)) When your private messages are off, you can still send private messages to members on your private message list. To prevent them from messaging you, tap the X to the right of the user name on the list of current private messages (whether read or unread). This gives you the option to have your messages of while still being able to chat with close friends in private. Members may still send you private messages but you will not receive notifications. You will see their message should you open a PM window with them.
Privacy settings: choose whether to publicly share your age, gender, location, friend list or gift list
choose your language, country and time zone
Login option:
login using your user name and/or email, or set to only allow logging in by email only. Email only is the most secure option as it's not publicly available
Edit email:
you can change your email here where you are required to enter your current password for security
Change password:
enter your current password to change your password to a new one
Delete account: enter your password to delete your account. This counts down from 7 days and deletes your account, which cannot be undone. You can cancel during the 7 day period.


the burger menu (three lines) on the top left to:
View the current room you are in
Room list: opens the list of chat rooms where you can tap to change rooms with a search bar to search a room name
Friends wall:
opens a page where you can post updates to your friend list users and see what they are posting, too
News: opens news and information shared by admins of 321Chat
Message Board:
a direct link to our forum/message board
Buy VIP:
Get yourself lifetime VIP membership with extra privileges or gift it to a friend.


the burger menu (three lines) on the bottom right to:
Open a panel that shows a house icon, group of people, single person and a search option
House: shortcut to room list
Group of people: current members in the room you are in
Single person: list of your friends with online/offline divided.
Search: search for a user by typing in their user name
DIAMOND: tap to get or give VIP 1686855611336.png

Lower left corner has a play icon so you can list to radio stations we have playing within the chat.

Type in the 'Type here...' box to send a message into the room
Tap the smile face to add an emoji or icon to your message
Tap the + icon to show:
Upload: share images and attachments in the chat
GIPHY: share fun gifs from a huge online database
YouTube: search for a share videos directly from YouTube

You can tap the three dots
(meatball menu) at the end of the post to hide it from your screen or report it.
When reporting, choose the most appropriate option from the list.
Quote also appears on this menu for VIP members or double tap any chat post to quote it within your reply.

When you view the user list, you can tap their name to open a menu with 'View profile' 'Private' and 'Action'
View Profile: view what information a member has publicly shared with other members.
- To report a profile, select the Flag icon on the top right of their profile and choose the most appropriate option.
Private: send a private message to a member. A notice will appear if they have messages disabled for certain groups or members.
Action: this is where you can add a member to your friend list, send them a gift with gold coins, share gold coins (you need a min. 100) or add them to your ignore list.
- Gift list: to view the list of gifts available to send, you need to tap Send Gift on the action part of a member's profile.
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