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Emojis & Emoticons

Chat emojis or emoticons are small icons, usually faces which express an emotion. They are often displayed when a chatter types a "smiley face" such as :) in a chat room. Below you can find a list of all the emoticons used at 321 Chat and how to get them to show up in our Java chat rooms.

Chat Guide / Emojis or Emoticons:


Emojis or Emoticons
These are the emoticons that can be used in all our our DigiChat chat rooms at 321 Chat. There may or may not be a few others that are not listed here ;) We have multiple ways of displaying the same emoticon to make it easier for you. Some people are accustom to trying out a smiley face while others may want to use a colon and parentheses
List of Emojis or Emoticons

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