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Chat Room Security

Key saftety tips on how to stay safe and not lose your identity while in chat rooms.

Chat Guide / Online Security:


Key Safety Tips
Never reveal any pertinent information about yourself, such as exact location, full name, social security number, telephone number, etc. The most important rule when exploring chat rooms though is to never agree to meet someone outside of the chat room. By revealing any of this information you are putting yourself at risk to be stalked and possibly have your identity stolen by a hacker.

Chat rooms can be havens for hackers, looking for vulnerable users with information to lose. This type of fraud known as identity theft is becoming more common. Hackers prey on users, getting any information they can (social security, address, telephone number) and they in turn go to a Hacker chat room, using an internet relay chat that allows more anonymity, and try to sell the information. Many naivecomputer users have lost credit cards through this type of communication.

Identity Theft
Chat Identity theft and this form of fraud are extremely hard to detect and track. The FBI, CIA or other government agencies can not watch over every user. That is why it is so important to be careful what you reveal about yourself online.

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