ChatBlazer Review

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ChatBlazer Review

ChatBlazer Screenshot Closed In November of 2021. You can read about it in the Chat Graveyard.

Chat Blazer looks great, is mobile ready and offers webcam capability for desktop users but not mobile. The only big criticism is that you're starting at $120/month for a webcam enabled chat. The price point has kept it low on our list and has kept it out of the hands of many webmaster. Even though this is a solid chat, few people use it because it is so costly. If you have a popular and profitable site this site is worth a look but might be a bit much for a new site or one with limited funds.


  • Well Designed
  • Works Well on Mobile
  • 1:1 Webcams


  • Very Expensive
  • No 1:Many Broadcasting of Webcams

Short Review:

Chat Blazer offers a quality chat site with tuns of features. It is well designed and maintained. Unfortunately we have never seen a website with a significant number of chatters using Chat Blazer which makes us wonder if it's the price or it's capability holding it back.