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Review by Greg Barrow - Last Updated: August 15th, 2018

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Name Free Fee Monthly Host Java Flash HTML / PHP Updated

Digi-Net.Com (Closed)

DigiNet Technologies Closed about 10 years ago but the software was still a popular option just 5 years ago. The big shift away from Digichat occurred when web browsers like Chrome stopped supporting Java Applets which is necessary for DigiChat to run. With support for exploits left to Webmasters and freelance coders, the extra task of corralling users to particular browsers and changing settings proved too much for the software to remain a popular option.

Even though the last version DigiChat released was called "AV" for Audio/Video it never worked properly, DigiChat offered little support and closed down soon after its release.


  • Great desktop Interface


  • Needs Java
  • No Webcams
  • Known exploits which need to be patched
  • Chat-server uses increasing amounts of ram.

DigiChat Review:

It was a great chat for a long period of time but the world has moved on. It would not be wise to use DigiChat as your primary chat room software.

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