FlashComs Review (Closed Down)

Read Before You Buy, Download, Install or Embed FlashComs

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FlashComs Review (Closed Down)

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Flashcoms closed down in February of 2020 as browsers stopped stupporting "Flash"

FlashComs has a great user interface and allows webcams to be streamed to the entire room or to individuals. The chat works just about perfectly on desktop and there are many features that make this an attractive platform. However the web has moved away from Flash® and without developing a fully functional HTML5 version of its software, we would not advise you to buy this product.

FlashComs has not updated any of its products in years. It seems FlashComs is content to let this product die and we see this eventually being added to The Chat Graveyard.

Short Review:

FlashComs used to be a great chat option, we give it stellar marks for its desktop chat but are less impressed with its mobile platform. They have shown no effort to update the code and expect the software to die off eventually.