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Review by Greg Barrow - Last Updated: August 15th, 2018

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PHPFree (Abandoned)

phpFreeChat, was first released in January of 2006. It was worked on constantly and produced new versions and featured every year until about 2012, which was the last time their GitHub page had been touched. June of 2014 was the last post on the phpFreeChat Twitter account. The website was updated with a clean and professional design just a few years ago but all work on this project appears to have ended very shortly there after.


V.1 is Better than V.2

There is a demo page for two version of the chat but the v1 Demo seems to have many more features. v2's Demo page looks cleaner but doesn't work properly. If not for the screenshots of v2, we would have thought they removed features.


  • No Database Required For Install
  • Many Features in V.1 for a basic chat


  • No Hosting - must be installed
  • No Support - project abandoned

PHP Free Chat Review:

phpFreeChat offers a great option for anyone looking for a simple free chat to add to their website. You have to install the chat but it not requiring a Database makes that an easier process. We haven't designated this chat "Closed" because we have hope they will return and update their software again. It was updated for so long, it's a shame to see it abandoned.

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