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Special Access To Cool Chat Features

VIP Diamond

Once a VIP, always a VIP

You'll always have access to future VIP features.

Special Emojis

The collection of "Special Emojis" include Apple emojis, Things and Specialty-Sets (more coming soon). We will rotate them in and out from time to time. Keep an eye out around the holidays!

santa with a sackorange pumpkinscream mask
Special Emojis

Name & Text Colors

Being able to change your name and text color is a decent perk but the gradient color effects look pretty amazing!

Name Color Change


Easily share images by copy and pasting them into the chat room or private messages. VIPs no longer have to attach images they can simply paste them.

Keyboard keys that say copy and paste

Chat History

Scroll back in time and see what was posted before you entered the room. View prior conversations and pictures posted!

infinity roman numeral clock

Create Rooms

(This feature is exclusive to 321SexChat.Com) VIPs are allowed to create public or private chat rooms. Rooms are deleted when inactive for a period of time.

One room key on a keyring

Head of The Class

VIP members names appear at the top of the user list. So everyone gets to see your awesome, fancy, cool, colorful or sparkly name drooling animated emoji

Hello my name is awesome name tag sticker

How To Become VIP

If you donate $20 321Chat you will be rewarded with an upgraded, lifetime VIP account. Donations allow us to upgrade the server as well as pay for expert support and other things which benefit everyone!

  1. Click the VIP tab on the left panel of the chat
  2. Click the green button to continue
  3. Select if you want a VIP account for yourself or for a friend
3 stepts to becoming vip

Donate for Someone Else

If you want to donate on behalf of someone else and give them a VIP account you must use one of these links and enter the UserName at the top of the paypal form (It is easy to miss).

  • You do not need a paypal account to donate. See How.
  • Your credit card statement will read a charge from "PayPal *321CHAT".
  • Donating for someone else (using the link above) will generally take about an hour before we manually update an account. Donating for yourself through the chat room is instant!

Refund Policy

  • Refunds are only granted to people who accidentally donate multiple times.
  • You are not entitled to a refund - If you break site rules and are banned from the chat.
  • You are not entitled to a refund - If you no longer want to use the website or have a VIP account.

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